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Deacon: five-year-old boxer mix he tested heart worm negative, he is neutered. Housebroken, crate trained, good with other dogs, loves to play fetch, good on a leash. Would be great with an active family, loves to go for walks/runs. Loves to play fetch. Deacon would be best with older children.







Baldor : is a 3 to 4 year old rough collie. He is a handsome, metro kind of dog, walks with measured gait and considers things thoughtfully. He evaluates a treat before he eats it and would never slobber while doing so. He is not aggressive but will stand his ground with other dogs. He is contemplative and has a calm temperament. He uses his leg to hug you, preferable to tongue kissing for more sophisticated canine aficionados. Collies come from northern Europe and he is named after Odin’s compassionate son.









Keiton :is a black Labrador retriever about 5 years old. He seeks what he catches the scent of, trailing them until the trail dissipates or he finds what he was searching for. He loves to run with the wind flapping his ears, and a roll in the dirt or sand is heaven. He has a zest for life that is contagious, and who does not want a dose of that. His name is derived from a native American creation god who brought life from darkness.









Pete: Terrier/mix 3 years old

Hello, I am writing to you in hopes that you may be able to help rehome my dog. I would like to explain my situation in hopes that if you are excepting animals you will consider helping me find a home for my Pete.

My husband and I are both elderly. My husband is also disabled. He is not wheelchair confined yet. I have 3 dogs total. Pete (Terrier/mix) 3 years old. Roxie (sheltie) 10 years old and Timmy (Chiweenie) 5 years old. Timmy will not get along with Pete. I have to keep them separated because Timmy is aggressive towards Pete.

It is a constant battle and very hard on us. A couple of weeks ago Pete was running around in the yard, he came running into the house and knocked my husband down. He got hurt bad. I am trying my best to care for my husband and 3 dogs. I am in over my head. If all of the dogs got along it would be simple. I’m so worried Pete will end up really hurting Timmy.

I got Pete from a bad situation. At only 5 weeks old he didn’t have his mother. The people would not tell me what happened to her. Only that she was no longer with them. His little paw pads were blistered from being kept in a hot metal crate.

Pete is people and pet friendly except towards Timmy. I don’t own any cats but I don’t think he would like them. He is up to date on shots and neutered. I’m not trying to rehome him because I don’t want him. We both love him. I’m desperate for any help. Thank you for reading.

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Ingus: is a 5 year old Yorkie. He is very sweet & loves cuddling on your lap. He is crate & house trained. Great with other small dogs & loves people. He is being fostered while he puts on some weight & gets neutered & will be ready in a few weeks for his furever home




Emmy: is a beautiful 20-week-old female Plott Hound mix weighing approximately 30 lbs. She loves to cuddle and explore. Her mom is amazingly sweet and weighs about 45 lbs pounds. Emmy looks like she will get to be at least this size. She is spayed, microchipped and has received all of her puppy vaccinations.
Emmy is good with other dogs and children. She has not been tested with cats but her foster does not believe cats would present a problem (it’s challenging finding a cat who is puppy tolerant 😊). She is working on mastering crate training and potty training but still has occassional accidents, especially if her foster isn’t on the ball. She very much enjoys running around the yard with her brother and “the big dogs” as well  playing with rope toys.
Emmy is a puppy with puppy behavior; interested adopters are strongly encouraged to have a training plan in place. With the right guidance, leadership, love and socialization, Emmy will blossom into a wonderful family dog. Interested adopters should fill out an adoption application soon before somebody sweeps this sweetheart away!








Oscar: is a handsome 20-week-old male Plott Hound mix weighing approximately 35 lbs. He loves to cuddle and play fetch with tennis balls. His mom is amazingly sweet and weighs about 45 lbs pounds. Oscar will likely be larger than his mom. He is neutered, microchipped and has received all of his puppy vaccinations.

Oscar is good with other dogs and children. He has not been tested with cats but his foster does not believe cats would present a problem (it’s challenging finding a cat who is puppy tolerant 😊). He is working on mastering crate training and potty training but still has a few accidents if his foster isn’t on the ball. He very much enjoys running around the yard with his sister and “the big dogs” as well as playing fetch with the tennis ball.










Louie is a 4 year old Pomchi (a cross between the Pomeranian and the Chihuahua). My owner had to surrender me as she was in her 80’s and unexpectedly had to have surgery and would no longer be able to care for me. So for now I’m staying with my Foster Mom.

 So a little about me and what I’m looking for in my forever home. My best home type would be a mature lady experienced with small breeds. Louie would not be good for a first time dog owner, or families with small children, or severely handicapped. At night I stay in my kennel with my bed and some water, some chews, and I have ‘wee-wee’ pad for when the doggy door is shut up at night. I’d prefer to sleep in with my Foster Mom , Oh and by the way I’m a Big Fan of walks, when I’m in the mood. Sometimes early in the morning, I don’t feel having my Harness put on and going, what can I say I’m more of an afternoon/evening type of walker.

I have some things I’m working on. First my weight, I’m slightly overweight, some may even say portly. Before coming to my Foster Mom’s I was fed human food and not walked, but since I’ve been here I’m eating my kibble with chicken broth, going on daily walks so I’ve lost 1lb in 2 weeks, pretty good right 🙂 Sometimes I get nervous, most likely because I’m a little out of sorts, so I will hide in a safe place (behind the toilet), if I’m in the house. Sometimes I’m a ‘little snippy’ so for example if I’m in a deep sleep and someone tries to move me, or if a strange human approaches and tries to touch me, I make my mean face and growl. It takes me a little while to warm up to new people.

Well that’s a little about me, in a perfect world, my Forever Family would be ‘mature’, no little kids at home, other small dogs. If the new home had doggy doors, a fenced in yard and the humans have could take me on two walks a day, and let me cuddle endlessly I would be in heaven.









Maddy: is a 15 month old, 7 lb Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Doxie) mix. She is great with other dogs, cats and people. She is very playful and energetic. Would do better with considerate older children or adults. She does well in a crate at night, and is not a picky eater. Very sweet personality, very loving, loves attention, gives lots of kisses. She is pad trained at the moment, with 90% success rate. She also has to be trained in basic command






Levi: is approximately 2 yrs.’ old, weights 11 1/2 lbs. and is a Chihuahua/Whippet mix. He is housetrained, as long as he is taken out regularly. Not a picky eater. He is not crate trained and does not like to be alone. He is very excitable and likes to play a lot. Has lots of energy would do best with older children and/or adult. Even possibly with someone that stays at home He gets along well with other dogs, cats, and people. Very affectionate with lots of kisses. He is a bit shy and has a little anxiety at times.












Annie: is a treeing Walker hound, between 2 and 3 years old, and has spent the last two years or more living in a small, concrete floor kennel with chain link around it. One of our posted pictures shows Annie in a quarter acre yard she ran over to the fence and grabbed it. At first I thought she was trying to get out of the fence but she wasn’t climbing or jumping. Out didn’t figure out what was going on until she started pooping. That’s when I realized grabbing onto a cage to try to get her poop out of her living area was the best she’s been able to do for herself for over two years. I’m still trying to get her to eat and act more normal doggy. She’s going to be a wonderful pet for somebody. Amazingly, she loves people. If you know anybody that’s looking for a dog let them know that Annie will be ready soon. She has not had any accidents in the house, she gets along with cats, and she’s not destructive. She is timid of this big Strange New World. The TV, in particular, seems extremely threatening, but she’s already gotten accustomed to doors and windows and riding in cars.



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Tally: is intelligent, energetic, loyal and loving. She warms up well to other dogs after slow introductions, especially those that don’t get in her face. She is house trained and crate trained, and is respectful of cats as she gets along well with her foster’s cat. She does well with adults and children. When meeting someone new she barks and pulls on her lead but then becomes submissive as the new person approaches to meet her. She takes treats gently and has not shown any food or toy aggression or possessiveness.

Tally is very energetic; she would do well with an active family. She is also VERY agile and can easily jump a four foot fence. Because of this interested adopters should have a six foot fence so that Tally can safely get her “zoomies” out.

Tally craves love and attention. She loves spending her days in the home office with her foster dad (especially when he’s not distracted by his day job). She is up to date on vaccines, spayed and microchipped. She is looking for a home office to call her own! Got room in your organization for this sweetheart?










Rudy is a sweet boy who has been without a home for FAR too long. He was found as a stray on 12/12/12. As of mid June 2016 he has been in rescue 1,269+ days.

He is a good boy, he is house trained, crate trained, good with kids and walks well on a leash. He understands that the only toys that are his are the ones you give him. He would like to be an ONLY pet but he LOVES people.

Rudy doesn’t ask for much but he really wants to be adopted!!