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Miss Gabi : an 8 month young boxer girl. She is convinced the world exists solely for her amusement and she is totally in awe of it all.

She is other dog friendly, house trained, still learning her manners.You can apply to adopt at










Copper: is 3 years young, a gorgeous Treeing Walker hound that loves kids and other dogs. He is house trained and searching for his great new family. Apply to adopt at









Precious: a lively senior and her name fit her personality perfectly. She is crate trained and house trained, very lovable and cuddley

She is a very sweet girl and very good with and other dog friendly she would be better in a home with no children
















Elsa: is 10 weeks old, and is Ahna’s litter mate and half sibling. She too was found in a cardboard box on the side of a road in Holiday, Florida. The vet thinks she is black lab and Australian shepherd mix. Elsa has hit 12 ponds and loves Australian yogurt, blueberry or honey flavored. She loves treats and gnaws on giant bones that are bigger than she is.   She eats grain free puppy food and has tried a strawberry right off the plant.   She also likes chewing on turtle shell!

Elsa is an explorer but cautious around vehicles. She tried swimming, but prefers to wade deep. She is smart and learning to sit, give her paw, and come when called. She loves to snuggle and sleep on laps or curled up next to her person. She chews her soft toys and falls asleep with them in her mouth. Strangers are most likely new friends to her and just a bit of encouragement bring her over to express her joy at meeting you.   She plays chase and pounce with her sister and hides in the tall grass feeling very proud of her cleverness.


Elsa On Rescues In Action  6/4/2017











Ahna : is a 10 week old black lab, Doberman and char pei mix (according to the vet) found in a cardboard box on the side of a road in Holiday, Florida with her littermate.   They both weighed just under 2 pounds each. She is sweet and a cuddler and smart as can be, having started to learn sit and paw and come when called. She has learned to bark and will voice her opinion whether requested to or not.   She barks at strangers but only at first. Then she runs up to them, crouching to make herself seem smaller and waits for the loving to start.   Anyone who does not love her would be banished.

She is now pushing 12 pounds and eats grain free puppy food, a lot of puppy food. She loves Australian yogurt, blueberry or honey flavored. She loves treats and chews giant bones that are bigger than she is. No task is too great for her. She loves water for wading and dunking her nose under and splashes her drinking water everywhere. She climbs steps, rolls through tall grass and chases her sister to get whatever Elsa has found. Clearly if Elsa has it, it must be worth snatching









Please click on the link to view  the video

Ahana On Pet of the week 6/2/2017



Duke: A 2 year old fawn colored Chihuahua/mix; Duke was rescued from the Redlands. Duke loves other dogs, he is cat tested and kid approved, and he is very loving and loves to be by you. He loves to run around in the back yard and play with his foster brothers and sisters. He is spade and up to date on all shots.







Duke  on “Pet of the week”


Lolita: A Rat Terrier and is approximately 1 1/2 years young, house trained, other dog and cat friendly. She loves to play and she loves attention. Lolita loves children both young and old , she has been spade and is currently up to date with her shots.







Lolita on Rescues In Action   May 13 2017


Gunther: a 1.5  to 2 yrs. old July Fox Hound.

He is very energetic, loves to play. Tennis balls are a favorite. He is getting much better with his manners. Walks well on a leash. Knows most commands such as sit, stay, down, wait, leave it. He is very good in a crate, and actually prefers to be in it when left alone. He would be great with a family with older kids as he doesn’t always realize how big he is. He’s good with and loves kids, but may knock smaller children down with his enthusiasm. He is not cat friendly. Gunther does well with most other dogs after a proper introduction.


Gunther on Rescues In Action




Spike: is house trained, crate trained, other dog friendly, loves to run and play.

An awesome young boy that loves life!! He has learned his basic manners and basic commands, best suited in an active home with a great yard to play in…. Spike is house trained, crate trained, other dog friendly, loves to run and play. SPIKE is an awesome young boy that loves life!! He has learned his basic manners and basic commands, best suited in an active home with a great yard to play in












Spike On Rescues in Action  July 2016

Spike  On Rescues in Action 2-25-2017





Choco: The vet said he thinks Choco is a Shar Pei mix Choco has been a great companion & absolutely loves being with people. He also loves other dogs, cats and cows too. It’s very important to us that Choco finds the right family and not just “a family”. He has separation anxiety and generally does well if left home alone & is in his room (crate) with the TV or music on. He is house broken, goes to his room to play, sleep & when home alone He knows basic commands, loves attention



















Juliet: is a Chihuahua at 4 yrs she is a sweetheart well with others and seems to be well trained house broken and calm also very good with other dogs





Rescues In Action  2/18/2017









Peanut : Sweet Pomeranian /terrier mix. He is between 6 and 8 years old. Loveable guy, housebroken, crate trained, good with other dogs & children

peannut1 peanutpeanut-2








Peanut on Rescues In Action   2/4/2017




Tina: female named Tina after singer Tina Turner!!  Tina is 4 year old boxer/Mixed

she is a wonderful companion, protective, and loves to play with her plastic toy balls and run in the yard; owner reports dog does better with females instead of males.
















Rudy: 3 year young Vizla/American bull dog mix. Rudy is already house trained for you, he loves other dogs, loves people more!! Although he declines to be in the presences of cats.






 More Pictures of Rudy



Willow: is definitely Tuesday’s child, full of grace, as her name suggests. She was languishing in Hernando’ county’s animal shelter and is my first ever foster dog. She has scars on her face that look frightening but she is a sweet Alapaha bulldog mix. (with no dna test and no lineage data, this is a fantasy based on appearance and breed characteristics) She is fast, agile and climbs trees and fences to look for her people. My new construction boss was on my porch and a newer foster started barking at him. Willow walked up to Dean and put herself between him and the little scruffian, staring at the mutt as if to say quiet down, he’s fine. No more barking! And there was peace and love and petting. Willow has clearly been bred but is now free from puppy care. She learned to teach them to behave I suspect.

Willow is probably about 3 or so years now and is excellent health and UTD on shots. Never ill in all her time here or in the shelter, just was a bit skinny. She eats grain free (no corn, wheat or soy) and prefers home cooking. Or the occasional sandal if leather.   She loves kids, plays well with other dogs, and chases rabbits and squirrels, but always lets them win. If it runs she gives pursuit! Bathing is often accompanied by sad eye but a good shake means all is well except the bathroom walls, which now are all tiled for their own protection. Bathing is always followed by a good roll in the dirt, legs in the air and much wriggling.

Willow is a loving and happy dog who needs a good home and a person or two of her very own.




Click here to see more beautiful Pictures of Willow

Willow on Pet of the week





Jeter: is an adorable, lovable boy. He is other dog friendly, house trained….loves attention and to cuddle. At 90 pounds he is a big love bug!












Mimi: Is a sweet, finicky girl, she is other dog/cat friendly, house/crate trained…. she is still in training to not be a grump 🙂






















Is a sweet special needs girl, she suffered an unknown injury that left her with a bruised spinal cord, she walks sometimes and other times she scoots…. she is litter box trained and other cat/dog friendly.
Akira (2)

Frisbee: Is a sweet young boy at 1 year of age, house/crate trained. Loves other dogs and cats. Best suited in a home with older children.

Frisbee 1 Frisbee Frisbee2





























On Rescues In Action








Jewels:is a Florida brown dog/ mix approx 6 yrs young , fixed utd on shots. She’s a happy healthy and very smart girl, who loves people and loves her toys/treats. She knows basic commands, house trained and also crate trained. She has never made a mess in the house and she does not chew on things inside the house. She loves being outside, but more than anything she loves her alone time with her humans.
She’s is a cuddle bug, loves to please and at times a real goof ball. She can be high energy but with some play time that energy is gone and she’s ready to relax..
An all around happy girl whose tail never stops wagging, unless she’s sees another dog. She is too scared of other dogs large or small, so it is in her best interest to be the only doggy in the house. She has not been tested with cats.










Jewel on Pet of the week   2017

Jewel on Rescues In Action   2015








Bubbles: Is a 6 pound, 1 year young, bundle of cuteness…. he is fearful when he first meets you but warms up quickly. Since he is a bit of a scaredy cat, he is recommended in a home with no small children. 11888115_719872061490432_268600919605880382_n 11781692_719872038157101_2010335563491881452_n












Passion: Saved out of a Florida Shelter (NOT HERNANDO COUNTY), Passion has a sad story we see all too often in Animal Rescue.


She was confiscated from a dog fighting ring… she was over bred, beaten and had severe infected wounds… Her ears were chewed to pieces and her head and chest were extremely swollen and full of infection. She would not do much but stand with her head down drooling. However, when you would say something in a nice voice to her, that tail would wag.

She was taken straight to a veterinarian’s office here locally, and they worked on her for a couple days: they did multiple debridement’s of her ears and placed drains in a number of locations. She was placed on IV antibiotics and stayed in the hospital for about a week. She had some serious bite wounds and lacerations, and got hydrotherapy.

She has come a long way since then, however she will never be able to hear again out of her right ear. She doesn’t have a true ear canal left. It does continue to swell and drains sometimes, and she will act puny. The veterinarians feel she may have a space in her inner ear on that right side where an abscess forms. Passion went to a specialty veterinarian last week where they looked at her ear, an exploration of it was done and then an ablation.

They are pretty certain that this will fix the problem. She will be spayed soon and ready for her new happy home.

Passion 2
Passion 3










Update: Passion has thrived in her foster home and is more gorgeous than ever! 













Bobby: He is about 1 year old and very energetic! Bobby loves to play and believes there is a game to everything he does. He is good with other cats, fearless of dogs, and enjoys people including children.  Bobby came to us as an almost hairless 4 month old kitten who was the size of an 8 week old. He was covered in ring worm and had a bad upper respiratory infection. After a couple of mont hs of TLC, Bobby has turned into a gorgeous boy.  Bobby’s only downfall is that he is a beautiful black cat. If he were almost any other color, people would flock to him because of his winning personality. He is looking for a home with someone who can appreciate his beauty and his comical antics. Apply to adopt at Once this funny guy is in your home, you will never know what you did without him.






















Winston:  Is a lovable, 1 1/2 year young sweet boy. He is other dog/cat friendly but he does like to be the boss of other dogs.























Mia: Is a 1 year young, super friendly girl. She is other dog/cat friendly.













Taco: is a timid boy, once considered a grump, it was discovered what made this boy grumpy was his inability to hear, when startled he is grumpy but once he gets comfortable in his surroundings he thrives. .He gets along with other dogs, cats and is house trained…