Hi, since June 1st 2013 when my precious Hanna came to my home it has changed 
my life! She is smart, loving, funny, adventurous, sweet natured and is a big 
hit everywhere we go.  My 3 cats - Lucy, Moose and Callie - have welcomed her 
into our home which has made me so happy.  It has been over 20 years since I 
have had a dog! What was I waiting for all these years? I know....the perfect 
dog - Hanna.  We walk every day, she comes with me on walks with my trainer. She 
loves going to the park and playing with tennis balls, loves to ride in the car. 
She is a nut about lizards and squirrels.  There are so many adventures waiting 
for us!And she has made friends with every human and dog that has crossed her 
path.  She is an absolute Angel and I thank God everyday for your wonderful 
organization that chose me.  I know that if everyone had 4 legged "kids" in 
their lives that the world would be a much better place.  So to all of you out 
there thinking....I don't have time....or any other excuse....I say...what are 
you waiting for? It will change your life!  And it is the most amazing experience 
you will never forget. I love my sweet Hanna! God bless you and everyone at 
Animal Rescue  Friends Network! (A.L.)

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Hi friends My peaches is loving her new home 
and she loves to play dress up... Sandra


Toby and his new family.

Lucy and her new family.

Spencer finally found his forever home!

spencer adopted 
Jada in her forever home!
Updated pic of Jada 5/31/14
AJ know known as Dexter!
Deacon's new mom loves him a lot!

 Our beautiful Francesca and Zellie went to the same great home.... here they are 
waiting on the pool boy :)
ARF'N Alumni Willy who was Rescued from Hernando County is happy to show off his toys 10571942_495172363960404_4968234848124833009_o"Conner" in his loving new home! He is one happy boy!... They have anxiously awaited his arrival 10544410_491552160989091_4885886154798740035_n 10571956_491552204322420_7109592896486733705_oARF'N Alumni "Mikey" enjoying life with his family on vacay 10256581_491073447703629_8694036188994851279_o