Process of Adoption

When an approved family is interested in your foster, your Foster Home Contact will discuss with you whether your foster dog/cat may be compatible with the applicant. If so, the approved applicant will then call you to discuss your foster in more detail. If you feel they may be a good match then arrangements are made for them to visit with you and your foster. All members of the applicant household MUST meet the dog/cat so you can evaluate whether everyone is compatible. If they have another dog they should plan to bring it along on the visit so you can observe how the dogs react to one another. Meeting at a neutral spot is often beneficial so there are no territorial issues.

Ask the family to bring with them 1) Collar and Leash and 2) an ID tag with their contact information on it for the dog’s collar. Even if they do not adopt your foster they will then have it for the dog they do adopt. 3) Please advise them re: the amount of the adoption fee and that it will need to be paid with cash, money order or cashier’s check.

The Foster Home has the final approval authority as to whether you think the potential family would be compatible with the needs of your particular foster. Only screened pre-approved applicants will be sent to you but we recognize that not every family meets the needs of each particular dog/cat. If you feel the family and the pets they currently own are compatible with your foster and can provide for any specific needs it may have, then the adoption process will be completed.